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Our mission is to seek out the gems in the Private Wealth and Investment Management space, delivering only the cream of the crop. We specialize in working with: Boutique Firms, Single and Multi-family Offices, and Multi-Billion Dollar RIAs.

When you approach GemHarvest executive recruitment services, rest assured our team will take care of you like we would our own family. Our primary goal is to understand your needs. We pride ourselves in our ability to first listen to your requirements, and only then, execute with precision. 

GemHarvest places hand-selected, quality professionals with excellent Wealth Management firms. Our goal is to see the ultimate success of each and every person and company that we engage with.

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“Headhunting is not just our job, it’s our true passion.”

- Shani Servetter, GemHarvest President


We take a consultative approach, connecting superior professionals with leading Private Wealth and Investment Management firms. Our clients are amongst the most successful in their industry nationally. We earn their trust by providing superb recruiting services time and again.

And that’s why they hire us.

Exceptional organizations require exceptional talent. These human “gems” are not only highly skilled, but also deeply passionate about their industry. Such rare individuals consistently take already successful businesses to the next level.

Shani Servetter

My name is Shani Servetter. I’m a creative and inquisitive person who loves people. As a former long-distance runner, I pride myself on my ability to keep going until the job is done. I have a strong capacity to understand others’ needs and concretely address them. 

If you’re looking for the kind of recruiter who refuses to quit, genuinely loves finding and talking to exceptional people, and wants to solve your problems, you’ve come to the right place.




And you already have one of those.


We are experts in our field, just as you are in yours. Outsourcing recruitment means you do what you do best, and we’ll do what we do best, headhunt.

Leading Wealth Management firms trust us with their recruitment needs, and here’s why. The caliber of the people in your organization is critical for your business success.  At GemHarvest, we know that finding such gems is not an easy feat. 

And that’s where we come in​

Our full time job is to take on the arduous task of searching far and wide to bring you hand-picked executives with proven track records. They are remarkable individuals who deeply care to grow your unique business into something even more successful than it already is. We ensure our candidates are not only superior talent, but also fit in with your company’s culture, and align with your needs and goals. With those key ingredients in place, we are confident our match will bring you both success and satisfaction.

When you partner with us it is a true partnership. When we work with your firm, we don’t see filling your requirement as just another job. Your success becomes our success. Your challenges, our challenges. Your goals, our goals. And that’s our secret sauce that sets us apart from other recruiters out there.

Our greatest concern is your complete satisfaction. As such, we appreciate your trust, and wholeheartedly look forward to creating a lasting partnership to serve your needs.

Shani has been a great resource to our firm. He has assisted in sourcing Client Service professionals who have been strong additions to our culture. I have found Shani to be professional, responsive and a great partner to our company. We will continue to utilize his skills in the future when needed.

Tom Christman, Managing Director, Talent Acquisition


Cresset Capital

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Most of us want meaningful work. We want a work environment that aligns with who we are, and lets our capabilities shine. Of course, excellent compensation never hurts either.

But does this allusive job exist?

Yes! However, employers won’t post it on a message board for the whole world to see.

That’s why you need us.

We represent exceptional Private Wealth and Investment Management talent. Consequently, we have created solid relationships with some of the nation’s most outstanding firms. When you get in touch with us, we’ll make an in-depth and strength-based assessment of what you have to offer. Then, we’ll see if you and are select clients are a good match for each other.


Shani was great to work with. Very professional and personable throughout the entire process- from application, to interview, to hire! His upbeat personality was very encouraging and I would highly recommend his services to an employer/candidate looking to find their match!

Ashley Cline, Client Relationship Specialist


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