Search Process

What We Look for in a Star Candidate

Background Fit
Right Experience
Expectations in Line
Cultural Fit
Personal Chemistry

Our Executive Recruitment Search Process

1. Getting to Know Your Requirements

In order for our joint process to go smoothly, this stage is absolutely critical. In fact, most failed searches are caused by not diving deep enough into what clients’ needs truly are. Sometimes needs and requirements can shift during a search engagement. However, investing in the development of a clear mutual understanding from the get-go is key to a successful search process and optimal results.. We take the time to assess your needs and understand your firm’s culture. This helps us ensure that the candidates we hand-select for you are also a good cultural fit and have what it takes to truly meet your needs and succeed in the position long-term. In turn, candidates see us as knowledgeable, informed, and polished and this reflects positively on your firm.

2. Search Agreement

After the requirement discovery stage and once we have a mutual understanding of your needs, we will send a Search Agreement for your review. We are a boutique firm and can therefore readily negotiate mutually agreeable terms and fees.

3. Position Description

At this stage we create a written description of the position, ensuring that; a) we properly portray our client’s requirements; b) the candidate assesses their potential fit for the position based on their background, skillset, and ideal career goals; and c) convey convincing points to prospective candidates regarding the attractiveness of both the position and the firm.

4. Identifying Candidates

We work together to plan your specific job search. It’s essential that the entire team is on the same page when it comes to company culture, position requirements, and other information. We use our own proprietary databases and cutting-edge technologies to research potential candidates. However, our best candidates often come from referrals from other professionals we know in the investment management industry. These referrals are usually people who are highly respected at their current firm and aren’t actively looking for new employment. Depending on the specific job, we’ll contact up to a thousand candidates before narrowing it down to a few dozen who will be pre-qualified for an interview.

5. Sharing Vetted Candidates

After carefully reviewing candidate resumes and application submissions, we determine which candidates would be the best fit for the open position. We focus only on those individuals who meet our criteria for the job, and after conducting interviews we present the best possible candidates to you. We then work together to help negotiate any changes or settle any unresolved issues. We follow up with the candidate after the interview process in order to make sure everything goes well and that they are excited about the offer. We stay in close contact with them until they accept the job, so that they have a smooth transition into their new position.

6. Interview Rounds and Follow-up

Our search consultants do their best to determine if the candidate is a good fit for the opportunity, whether they are genuinely interested in the role and if they are truly motivated to make a change. After we present the candidate to the client for consideration, we stay on top of all matters related to logistics and other related details before, during and after client-candidate interviews. If necessary, we let clients know about any red flags we sense during the recruitment process and work with both client and candidate to address them as quickly as possible.

7. References and Background Checks

GemHarvest provides you with the concrete process for reference and background checks. We will often be able to assist you in ensuring that checks are done prior to a candidate starting employment.

8. Testing and Presenting the Offer

Following weeks of diligent work, it is critical that we collaborate to ensure the offer is presented successfully, as well as having appropriate backup plans and specifying the next steps in detail.

9. Coaching for Resignation

For candidates, resignation can be an uncomfortable and stressful process. Given that existing employer counter-offers are frequent in this “candidate-driven” market, it is crucial that an executive coach assist with the candidate’s process at this critical time.

10. Follow-up after Placement

We consider it imperative to follow-up with both the client and the placed candidate prior to the candidate’s start date, during the early stages of employment and for months after the candidate’s date of hire to ensure that the transition is proceeding smoothly. We help your firm establish an effective on-boarding program with the candidate and to deal with any “issues” as soon as possible.